June 18th

The 7 Ideas in Cannes

 A fish supper could soon be a thing of the past. That’s why Greenpeace are getting BEHIND self-employed fishermen and AGAINST big corporations with huge trawlers. What they do isn’t fishing. It’s rape.

Patrick’s at the Cannes Festival of Creativity, running a workshop on MONDAY JUNE 18th.

Brainstorming to find ideas for Greenpeace. It’s a real brief, with a real client and a real chance of great work running.

If you can’t get to Cannes but you want the brief, email [email protected]

For Cod’s sake, do it. Cannes. June 18. 10am and 3pm.


July 17th

MMC Diploma in Mail

Elly Woolston – An Introduction to Direct Marketing

Five full-day training sessions that will turn you into the



August 3rd

Critiquing creative ideas

A BITESIZE training session at the MAA with Patrick.

Check out places and costs at: