June 18th

The 7 Ideas in Cannes

 A fish supper could soon be a thing of the past. That’s why Greenpeace are getting BEHIND self-employed fishermen and AGAINST big corporations with huge trawlers. What they do isn’t fishing. It’s rape.

Patrick’s at the Cannes Festival of Creativity, running a workshop on MONDAY JUNE 18th.

Brainstorming to find ideas for Greenpeace. It’s a real brief, with a real client and a real chance of great work running.

If you can’t get to Cannes but you want the brief, email

For Cod’s sake, do it. Cannes. June 18. 10am and 3pm.


July 17th

MMC Diploma in Mail

Elly Woolston – An Introduction to Direct Marketing

Five full-day training sessions that will turn you into the



August 3rd

Critiquing creative ideas

A BITESIZE training session at the MAA with Patrick.

Check out places and costs at: