What we do


Creative people hate the word ‘training’.

“Either you can f****ing do it or you can’t”.

So, for creative people, we offer courses and workshops in professional development. 

Public Speaking

Patrick waves his arms excitedly from podiums around the world. Can’t shut him up. He’s talked about direct mail, direct marketing, the digital revolution, the new rules of communication, re-inventing marketing, colour in communication. And cricket. Yes, he's even done a bit of after-dinner speechifying. 

Creative Consultancy

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Want some creative work? In recent months we’ve written mailshots, brochures, posters and ads. Also an integrated campaign for a Danish bank with telly.


Patrick and Dorte Collister publish Directory magazine and resource. It’s a quarterly magazine with an online archive of nearly 1,000 case studies. Called ‘the bible for people in direct’, Directory showcases innovative communications ideas from around the world. www.directnewideas.com